Social impact

At Hound Express we like to give back to the community and the world where we live, that is why we created a corporate social responsibility strategy that consists of two main pillars: Environmental care and Education.

Environmental care:

We believe our planet gives us life every day, so we search for the best way to preserve and take care of it.

We have created internal policies for the responsible use of resources, recycling and reuse of materials.

Annually, we recycle 45 tons and reuse 12 tons of carton, we promote the use of clean energies in our facilities and we create internal campaigns to cut the use of paper down to zero.

Each year we make a contribution to Reforestamos Mexico, an entity dedicated to the recovery and reforestation of Mexican forests.

Reforestemos Mexico


We believe education is the lever for social mobility and for the development of our community.

We have developed internal programs to promote ongoing education programs with our employees.

We support Fundacion Becar on their mission so that boys, girls and young people in a vulnerable position achieve personal development and participate in an active way in the social transformation of their communities. Within the past years Fundacion Becar has benefited 60,000 people in a direct way and 250,000 indirectly.